Department of Immigration and Emigration Sri Lanka

Golden Paradise Residence Visa Program - Invest, Live and Study in Sri Lanka

Enjoy the long-lasting goodness of a paradise island through a Golden Paradise Visa

A long term resident visa program dedicated to investors to enjoy the benefit of the paradise island while contributing and reaping the benefits of the blooming economy. Investors and their families will enjoy the lasting benefits of this visa program.


Requirements for the Visa

  • Open a Golden Paradise Foreign Currency Account (GPFCA) and deposit minimum of USD 200,000 in a local bank licensed by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka (Investor may withdraw up to 50% of the minimum investment amount after completion of the first year from the date of issuance of visa).

  • Deposit proof documents confirm the fund transfer

  • Police clearance report obtained by the country of domicile within 6 months

  • Medical report from an authorized local hospital, clearing all applicants off of Malaria, Filariasis, Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS

  • A copy of the Bio Data Page of the passport

  • For the spouse and dependents, Marriage Certificate, Police Clearance reports obtains from the country of domicile of the spouse and birth certificates of dependents.

  • Completed Residence Visa application( click here to download the application)

  • Completed Personal Particular Form( click here to download the form)


The Golden Paradise visa holders can Invest, Live and Study in Sri Lanka

The investment could be in following sectors.

  • Invest in a government approved investment

  • Purchase a condominium property in Sri Lanka

  • Obtaining lands and buildings on lease basis

  • Purchasing of Sri Lanka Development bonds

How to Apply

Application Process.

Submission of Visa Application

Residence Visa application along with the aforementioned documents should be submitted to the Head Office of the Department of Immigration and Emigration

Validity Period

10 years.

Visa Fee

Visa fee USD 2000 payable for 10 years.

Cancellation of Visa

Visa cancellation will be entertained by the department upon a written request. The investment will be released upon cancellation of the Golden Paradise Residence Visa of the holder, Spouse and dependents.

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